Friday, November 27, 2020

Pre-KG Blog 13 Shape walk

Pre-KG Blog 13  27.Nov.2020

Shape walk 

Colours and shapes are all around us and are some of the most easily recognizable and interesting things in a child’s environment. Children notice that red flowers are different from yellow ones and that a car wheel has a round shape and a hat a triangle shape.

The Pre-Kindergarten children are getting very knowledgeable about their subjects and they are very eager to find and show them to their friends and teachers! 

After looking at one of our most popular shape puzzle again, we decided to take things further and identify shapes outside the classroom and even outside the school.

So with shape pieces in their hands, a very keen group of Pre-KG children went on a “shape walk” to spot corresponding shapes and they became more and more excited about their finds.

Not only did they find the “usual” geometric shapes, but also flower, leaf and ABC shapes ! They also had a fun “shape to shape” run !

A big thumbs up for the great observation and cooperation skills of the Pre-KG children who connected their classroom learnings smoothly to their outside world.